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Blog ยป August 2016

August 2016

What are the three key questions to ask when talking to a prospective client?

Do you struggle sometimes to talk to your prospective clients because you are unsure of the questions to ask?  In order to survive in the bookkeeping profession, you need to be able to sell.  At Uniting Bookkeepers, the often asked questions are:  How do I find clients? Followed closely by, how do I convert someone to becoming my client?

You might be in a networking meeting, or maybe an accountant has given you a lead, or you might just be at a friend’s place and they know someone that needs your services. Whatever situation you find yourself in, there are a few questions you can ask which will assure them of your professional expertise, and show that you have their best interests at heart. 

Posted: 27/08/2016 10:07:16 AM by Julie Ferguson | with 2 comments

When is the right time to consider the business structure that your business operates under?

Deciding on which structure suits you can be complicated. It is important to obtain advice as to your individual circumstances and the various alternatives available to you. It can make a significant difference as to minimising tax and protecting your assets. You must also consider whether you are able to comply with the obligations or the structure you are using.

Decisions that have to be made could include who should be a director of a company and also who the shareholders should be. It can also be appropriate to use a trust as part of the structuring, either to operate the business or as a shareholder.

Posted: 19/08/2016 6:43:33 PM by Julie Ferguson | with 0 comments

Send invoice, get paid! Mmmmmmmm

If only the life of a business owner was that simple!

Reading a blog post from Karen Harris of Bay Business Solutions, as posted on her website, hit a ‘sore spot’ as this is a very topical question on many bookkeeping posts and is a question from many of our clients.

Posted: 5/08/2016 5:22:38 PM by Julie Ferguson | with 0 comments

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