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Education ยป Ask a Question for a Guidance Sheet

Ask a Question for a Guidance Sheet

Standards are a must in the world of bookkeeping.  Being taught by a recognised, registered training organisation will give you all of these standards.  Continuing your on-going education (CPE hours) and keeping yourself up to date with the latest legislation and compliant software, and the training of the software is highly recommended.

In saying that we all have days  when we forget how to process something, or where to code to, or you only do an entry like purchase of an asset, maybe once every 3 years.  This is the time when we need to call a friend, a bookkeeping friend - because they would know how to do what we want to do!

Uniting Bookkeepers are here to assist you with these questions in the form of Guidance Sheets.  We do this with no judgement! 

I am sure we all can remember a time when we have asked the Accountant how do you do an entry and they roll their eyes and sigh, as if to say Bookkeepers!  Well we are Bookkeepers for Bookkeepers and we can help.

If you have a question to ask simply fill in this form and submit to us.  Bear in mind that we are working bookkeepers so some questions may take time to answer, yet we will give you an indication of how long when you submit your question.

This is currently for our members only and the list of Guidance Sheets is available under Membership, and Members Only Resources, secured area.

However in saying that if you do wish to purchase a Guidance Sheet and you are not a member, please contact our office on and our Admin Staff will assist with your query.    

Keep in mind the benefits to our members are enormous, and it pays to be one, check it out.

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