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Galleries » Podcast Series » Episode 19: (EP019)

Episode 19: (EP019)

How to Automate Your Bookkeeping Business With The Latest Apps (Part 2)

with Lielette Calleja

Strap yourself in as Leilette takes you into Part 2 of her presentation in automating your bookkeeping business with add-ons.

Automating her business whilst learning the add-ons was challenging and testing, yet this has encouraged Leilette to persevere even more as the trade-off is time with her son and husband, family, friends and herself.

What makes this presentation a must to listen to apart from the add-ons is how Lielette speaks candidly how she employs her staff and the issues that arise in costing their hours whether they are on site or working from home.

Automating your business means you have more time to upscale your business. This enables you to get more work without needing to employ more staff and keeping it local and not worrying about outsourcing from overseas.

As Lielette points out Bookkeepers are not just bookkeepers anymore, “we are so much more”. Therefore, Lielette has positioned her business between a standard bookkeeper and the tax accountant. She says “automation makes you look bigger and more professional, and clients love that”.

Lielette is endeavouring to move quickly with her business as the space for bookkeepers is growing smaller. So, to position her business in the best place possible is to be automating it as much as possible to be ahead of the game whether you have a team or a one-man band.

To recap Lielette’s Part 1 of   How to Automate Your Bookkeeping Business With The Latest Apps, just click here!

 You can follow the podcast in conjunction with Lielette’s slide presentation.

We trust you will be inspired to listen to the podcasts over and over to start automating your own business and avoid the painful learning curve Lielette encountered.

This is truly one of the most resource filled podcasts we have ever had, so sit back learn and enjoy this resourceful and valuable podcast!


As Lielette says: “To automate your business properly you must put time aside, be mobile friendly and be in the cloud.”

In Part Two of this podcast Lielette covers the following:

  • Documentation Storage
  • Accounts Payable
  • Debtors and Collections
  • Pricing and Packaging Your Services
  • Issues with Staff
  • How Leilette Helps her Clients by Having an Honest Conversation

Apps Mentioned in the Podcast:

You may want also check out relating podcasts with Trent McLaren on Cloud Technology and Abbie Widin who has a 7 Day Free Mini Course in packaging your services.

Lielette is this year’s recipient of the Sydney Hill Local Business Award for Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year and a finalist in Accountants Daily Bookkeeping Firm of the year last year.

If you have a question and would like to get in contact with Lielette via by the links below:

All That CountsW:
P: 1300 884 722
M: 0439 033 101