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Uniting Bookkeepers educates, supports and
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Partnering with Uniting Bookkeepers is a unique way of engaging with the bookkeeping industry and, through our members, to thousands of small to medium businesses across Australia.

In this age of ever increasing regulation and compliance many business owners realise that it is much more efficient to engage a bookkeeper rather than handle that work themselves.

Invariably the bookkeeper over time becomes a trusted external advisor, especially because they are generally on site considerably more often than most other suppliers. They are in a trusted position of knowing and seeing the financial, operational and “feel” of the business.

It is important to note that bookkeepers in general do not network actively within the more mainstream business environments. They tend to prefer contact with those within their own industry. However they are receptive to hearing, and then broadcasting, the marketing efforts of those businesses that maintain an ongoing support of their own organisations.

It is for that reason that Uniting Bookkeepers has several partnering levels that allow businesses to connect with, do business with and in turn develop long and lasting business relationships with bookkeepers that will lead to referral opportunities to the bookkeeper’s clients.

Just think - an inbuilt channel to a much wider market, with any referral being seen as a warm introduction from a trusted advisor.

Our partnering levels are:

Accounting partner – open to all accounting firms that provide the traditional range of tax, compliance and business services support

Platinum partner – open to all other businesses, with the added benefit of exclusivity within your industry. In other words within the catchment for that Uniting Bookkeepers chapter your business will be the only partner from your industry

Gold partner – open to all other business. You have access to all the partner benefits, however there may be others from your industry who are also gold partners.


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