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Business Coaching

Everyone I know who has success in business and life has a mentor or coach at some point.  It comes with the territory of transgressing through sabotage patterns, negative self-talk and not knowing how to take the next step.

Business stability and growth comes from the basic five pillars:

  • The Business Plan
  • The Marketing Strategy
  • The Business Management System
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

If coaching or mentoring is something that you have been toying with then you must have some of these pain points happening:

  • Need more time
  • Need more responsive clients
  • Need more accurate and productive staff
  • Need less stress, and
  • Need more profit with less effort? 

Often leadership skills are something we have to learn along the way, were you an instant one hit wonder employer the first time?  Guarantee 95% of you will say that you had to learn how to be a good, stable even wonderful employer. 

Leadership skills are not only for employers how about leading your clients to become better clients – now that takes management.

Can you imagine if our Olympic athletes were not coached, gosh I could imagine that they would have wrong techniques, no accountability, no direction; no one to push them along because we all know you can do it yet often need that nudge of motivation.

For bookkeepers what kind of mentoring or mastermind group would suit you?  Let’s go through some scenarios:

New bookkeepers – mentoring can come in the form of another bookkeeper who knows bookkeeping well and has systems and processes in place.  I would expect to pay for the mentoring or at least work for them for free for a few hours to gain some knowledge.  You can also work under the supervision of an experienced operator who should impart their knowledge etc whilst you gain more hours.

Start up in practice bookkeepers – business coaching would be suitable and the coach would go through the basic five pillars and encourage you to systemise your practice.  If they aren’t looking at systemising, ask them to or change coaches as this is a must for the rhythm of your practice.

Bookkeepers who are employing – again business coaching or mastermind groups where you can bounce ideas and pain points and brainstorm new ideas of who to employ, how to keep them and yourself happy and productive.  Don’t forget your processes and rhythm for them, remember the little baby needs a sleep and feeding pattern, your staff are the same.

Growth stage bookkeepers – mastermind groups are brilliant for this and whether they are in Australia or overseas it doesn’t really matter.  Look at what they are offering, go with your instinct.  What will you gain from this and the most obvious one is making more money for less effort.  You want to be providing constant value for your clients and a group can impart great suggestions to do this.

Association groups and their conferences – this is a must for information, networking and motivation.  I highly recommend attending conferences and whilst you may feel that it is outside of your comfort zone, take the plunge.

Finding a good coach, mentor or mastermind group is easily found by asking for referrals.  Ask the person who recommend that coach why.  Ask your association or bookkeeping groups, ask in the Facebook groups.  You can google and see who is in your area, yet phone the coach and ask them what they can give you.

I should also remind you when thinking about a coach what is it that you truly want, and you must write this down.  Write down your goals for yourself and your business in the next 6 months or 1 year, 2 years and 5 years.  Where do you want to be; what are your pain points, what are you not in rhythm with; what is stopping you from doing this (if you know).  Have this all written so that when you have engaged your coach, mentor or mastermind you can be clear what it is stopping you and what you want to achieve.


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