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Resources ยป CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

From 1 July 2012, all registered Tax and BAS agents should begin or carry on their CPE in accordance with the Tax Practitioners Board’s (TPB) policy, which includes maintaining a record of evidence of the CPE they have completed.

For agents applying to renew their registration from 1 July 2013 The TPB will ask if the agent's are complying with the Board’s CPE policy.

Number of hours and CPE period
There is a specified minimum number of CPE hours that should be completed over a CPE period. The CPE period for most agents will be three years, which is generally your registration period:

  • If you are registered on or before 1 July 2012, your CPE period will begin on 1 July 2012 and end on the day your registration expires, or is due to expire.
  • If you are registered after 1 July 2012, your CPE period will begin on registration as a registered tax or BAS agent and expire on the day your registration expires, or is due to expire.

If your CPE period is for a period other than three years, CPE should be completed on a pro-rata basis.

The table below shows the minimum number of CPE hours expected to be undertaken by the various agent types within a standard three year registration period.

Registered agent type Minimum CPE
hours over 3 years
hours each year
Tax agents 90 10
Bas agents (with or without a condition on registration
  45 5

For more information the TPB has a fantastic section on Frequently Asked Questions, which should cover most of your queries.  Click here for more information.....

They also have on their site a great log for recording your activities, click here....

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